Perfume List – 2015

WCM Hygiene has added the MRL Private Collection to their range of products.

MRL Private Collection is a unique range of perfumes , manufactured to give you a long lasting aroma that keeps you fresh all day long. Our MRL Perfume range is uniquely blended and carefully made to provide you with the exact same contents as your branded perfume products.

We supply both male and female perfumes in fifty ml bottles and selling it at a fraction of the price of branded perfume products. We believe that our customers should pay less for their favourite perfume, but still experience the same contents as the branded perfumes in our market today.

We suggest that you start purchasing your  perfume today, to experience the MRL Private Collection effect.

MRL Private Collection Ranges from:

Perfumes – All branded names eg Dunhill , Issey Miyake, Tommy Girl, DKNY, etc

Aftershave Liquid – Issey Miyake, Paco Raban , Coolwaters, Hugo Boss, etc

Aftershave Balm – Armani , Lacoste, Aqua Di Gio, Gucci, etc

Hand Lotion –  D&G Light Blue, Issey Miyake, DKNY Green, Red Door, Paco Lady Million

Bath Salts

Nail Polishes

Shower gel

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