WCM Detergents

Product Info

CAUTION: May cause eye and skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Maybe harmful if swallowed.
FIRST AID MEASURES: PRODUCT IN EYE: Wash out eye thoroughly with copious amounts of water. If irritation develops and persist obtain medical attention.
PRODUCT ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water immediately after contact. In case of irritation obtain medical aid.
PRODUCT INGESTED: Rinse mouth and throat with water and dilute stomach contents. Do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical aid.
PRODUCT INHALED Remove person to fresh air. In case of shortness of breath or dizziness, obtain medical aid.
WCM Air Freshener is a Non-flammable product.


Apply with atomiser spray away from face up into the air or direct to the source of the foul odour.
Product is NOT suitable to be sprayed on parts of the body.


SUITABLE MATERIAL: Keep in containers as supplied.
HANDELING STORAGE PRECAUTIONS: Store in a sealed container, away from food stuffs and out of reach of children and pets