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Introducing some of our WCM Hygiene products



WCM Bleach cleans to perfection and is a Liquid Stain remover applicable with white linen. WCM Bleach is mineral, liquid reacting agent used to remove elusive dye marks and various organic stains from white fabric. WCM Bleach is safeguarded to ensure long lasting strength and guarantee to clean your white fabric to perfection.

all purpose

An excellent  all-purpose cleaner, suitable for the cleaning of floors, ovens, windows, fridges, carpets, countertops, display boards, washing overalls, dirty cloths, heavy grease & lubricant on engines, framework, tar spots on vehicle bodies, fatty kitchen air filters, vinyl furniture, graffiti, pen marks on clothing and bearings.

Pine Clean

An excellent yellow liquid detergent, which incorporates with exceptional grease cutting, blending, saturating and appending properties. It is combined with the freshness of pine oil and has a hygienic fragrance that leaves surfaces with a fresh and pleasing smell.

Green Hygiene

This is a green disinfecting liquid which has been well-adjusted to guarantee that the cleaning will be to perfection when applied to any surface. It is highly recommended for toilet and cloakroom areas, as well as veterinary hospitals, doctors or dentists’ waiting rooms or surgeries and any place where powerful cleaning action is required combined with odour control.

Power clean

WCM POWER CLEAN “hard surface cleaner” clean to perfection and is an ammoniated, non-scratch, all-purpose detergent cleaner. WCM POWER CLEAN is used frequently in kitchens, restrooms, toilets and cloakrooms. As an all-purpose cleaner, it is found to be suitable in a multitude of areas in institutions, offices, factories and in the home. The list of areas where WCM POWER CLEAN can be used is virtually endless and comprises, restrooms, cafeterias, food preparation areas, working surfaces, walls, doors, floors and vinyl or plastic surfaces. It may also be used in veterinary hospitals, doctors or dentist’s waiting rooms and surgeries indeed anywhere a powerful ammoniated but non- scratch cleaner is required to do the cleaning to perfection. WCM POWER CLEAN is normally applied by hand, undiluted on a damp cloth. It is then wiped over the surfaces of baths, basins, stoves, sinks, fridges and other hard surfaces. It may also be used diluted in a bucket of warm water at the rate of 6 to 12 mills/ litre and applied by mop or cloth.

Toilet paper 2


WCM Soft Care one ply twenty four bale, forty eight bale, sixty bale
WCM Soft Care two ply twenty four bale, forty eight bale
WCM Economy Care one ply twenty four bale, forty eight bale, sixty bale


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